Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. (FESCO), founded in 1979 and being the first company in China to provide professional service of human resources (HR) to foreign enterprises' representative offices in China, foreign financial institutions and economic organizations, has a long history of providing professional HR service and is highly experienced in the market and fully qualified to provide such service. As one of the top 500 enterprises in China, FESCO is the primary HR strategic partner for multinational companies in China and is reputed to be the best in competitiveness and brand value in China's HR service industry.


As a leading company in China 's HR service industry, FESCO provides service to above 20,000 customers from hundreds of countries and regions as well as 1200,000 domestic and overseas employees working for these institutions. The customers include a large number of leading multinational companies, exclusively owned foreign enterprises, joint ventures of Chinese companies and foreign companies, cooperative companies of Chinese companies and foreign companies, state-owned enterprises, private businesses, covering high-tech industries like communication electronics, IT, bio-technology, Internet, automobile and many other industries such as petrochemical, medical, financial and fast consumables industry.

  By relying on its website and call center among other technical facilities, FESCO provides services in recruitment, dispatch, personnel welfare outsourcing, IT personnel outsourcing, finance outsourcing and foreign personnel service. FESCO has established over 120 investment companies and branches across China and formed a service network reaching out to 300 cities 31 provinces and autonomous regions from its two centers in Beijing and Shanghai. The service mode of "contract signing in one place for services across the country" provides great convenience for its customers.

  At the end of 2010, FESCO joined hands with Adecco to establish FESCO Adecco, a joint venture in Shanghai . The joint venture is not only a milestone in FESCO's Go-International initiative but also a new starting point on its way to the international arena. In the future, FESCO will constantly improve its abilities in participating in international competition so as to contribute to the international and professional development of China 's HR service industry.