We provide a wide variety of highly participatory and high-quality value-added services and organize colorful activities for employees so as for everybody to enjoy work and life.

  FESCO HR Club regularly organizes theme-sharing activities for senior HR management personnel of Chinese and foreign enterprises to strengthen exchanges and cooperation among different industries. As one of the important value-added services to give back to customers, the Club has attracted the participation of senior managers from numerous well-known multinational companies in the industries of automobile, petrochemical and pharmaceuticals and served very well as a platform for exchange and communication among senior corporate managers.

  FESCO Happy Sharing Salon
  As a professional exchange platform for HR management personnel of enterprises, FESCO Happy SharingSalon is intended for enterprise employees to share experience for mutual growth through each edition of exchange on HR hot issues and to jointly promote enterprises' growth and industrial development.

  FESCO Secretary Club
  The Club regularly organizes various activities for senior secretaries, administrative personnel and assistants for customer enterprises, which are intended to improve the overall quality of Chinese professional secretaries, strengthen the communication and contact in the secretary industry, build a professional information sharing platform and to assist secretaries in career planning.

  FESCO Golf Club
  Open to all golf enthusiasts of Chinese and foreign enterprises, the Club provides professional trainings and organize colorful activities and events that are intended for golf enthusiasts to make friends through golf, improve golf skills, share happiness and promote friendship.

  Highlighting life and fashion elements, the Club targets white-collar employees of foreign-funded enterprises and regularly organizes various relaxing, recreational and highly participatory activities, which are promoted online and offline by means of magazines and internet and are intended to make the life of while-collar employees of foreign-funded enterprises more colorful.

  • FESCO Car Club
  By providing quality, kind and fast services, the Club attends to all matters concerning motor vehicles for people from all walks of life. The Club is constantly improving its business process by trial and error and aiming to be the faithful partner of car lovers.

  • FESCO Photography Club
  The Club is founded for photography lovers of foreign-funded enterprises and intended to help more non-professionals pick up photography and improve photography skills, share the joy of creation and make more friends with photography professionals through practice, creation, study and exchange