FESCO LIFE is a fashion & life magazine free for employees of foreign-funded enterprises. The magazine is very popular with employees of foreign-funded enterprises in that it's based on true stories of employees of foreign-funded enterprises, in addition to interpreting fashion, sharing happiness and mood.
Address: Floor 1, No.14, Chaoyangmen South Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020
Tel: +86-10-85691918

2) New Times of China

Following the idea of “ viewing business with human perspective and viewing humanity with business perspective”, the Magazine closely follows and records successful stories of “people”, business understandings, operation wisdom and important events in the course of enterprise development and transformation, so that readers can benefit from the Magazine in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.
Address: Room 302, Huatai Hotel, Jinsong Dongkou, South Dongsanhuan Road , Chaoyang District, Beijing 100021
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3) FESCO HR-News

As a bridge between FESCO and its customers, the Magazine collects the latest HR information in every even week. By way of email, latest HR information contained under the caption of “HR Information”, “HR Management Cases”, “HR Knowledge Base” and “HR Books” is sent to HR managers. The Magazine enables readers to have timely and convenient access to the latest HR developments. For online message or subscription, please click http://www2017.fesco.com.cn/vip/FESCO_VIP/weekly1.htm
Tel: +86-10-67772324

4) FESCO Weekly

Various HR service information, event notices and preferential information for employees are sent regularly via the Magazine to employees of foreign-funded enterprises. The Magazine is very popular with employees of foreign-funded enterprises. For online message or subscription, please click http://www2017.fesco.com.cn/vip/FESCO_VIP/weekly.htm
Tel: +86-10-67772301

5) FESCO Media Newspaper Clipping

HR information from various media is regularly collected as professional HR reference for Chinese and foreign-funded enterprises.

6) FESCO Labor Law Manual

Labor & employment policies are sort out and compiled each year in order for enterprises to prevent and avoid difficult and doubtful points related to labor employment risks and to have workable and professional reference in enterprise management.