January 2

    Luo Mei, Secretary of the CYL Central Committee Secretariat, visited FESCO to inspect the probation and employment base for interns. FESCO has been providing strong support to the CYL Central Committee for its "Youth Employment, Entrepreneurship and Internship Base" program, shouldered its social responsibility, helped customers recruit interns, built employment and probation bases jointly with customers, promoted the employment of students, and achieved benefits for colleges, society, customers, and students.

    January 23

    FESCO convened its work meeting for 2014 and work priorities for the year were made clear at the meeting.

    March 26

    FESCO, together with the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security, the CYL Central Committee, and Tianjin Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Samsung, launched the "Samsung Technical Expert Training Program" in Tianjin, with an aim to provide advanced skill training and comprehensive employment guide to students from poor areas so as to help them acquire skills and start their own businesses.

    April 18

    Good Life Welfare Mall was launched online and it helps enterprises build a platform for the distribution of standard and flexible welfare packages and enable their employees to enjoy a good life with numerous possibilities.

    May 26

    "Rhythm of China" 2014 Law Awareness Raising Tour for Public Interest was launched in Beijing. As a law awareness raising event for public interest, the tour started in Beijing and covered 22 cities with 22 activity sessions lasting from May to September. With case studies, the activities helped enterprises do in-depth analysis on and understand thoroughly the labor law and difficulties encountered in human resource management.

    May 29

    25 young employees from 22 companies in different places started the first phase of their public-interest fundraising bike ride, "spread our love a thousand miles". They brought 3,191 children's books, over a hundred items of stationery, and some audio & video products to Pioneer Primary School in Chengjia Township, Zigong City, Sichuan Province and established "FESCO Library" there. This public-interest program will continue in Guangzhou and Beijing to spread love to places where it is most needed through bike rides, a low-carbon and healthy way to keep fit.

    May 31

    FESCO became the human resource agent for Alibaba who has a total of 24,000 employees in over 40 cities across China.

    July 4

    Report on Remuneration for Fresh Graduates 2008-2013 was released. The report gives an overall analysis, a starting remuneration analysis, and a follow-up analysis to lay out what FESCO has found out through follow-up on the remuneration of fresh graduates over the years.

    August 7-9

    FESCO convened the work meeting for the first half of 2014 and the business operation meeting for Quarter 2 of 2014. Summaries were made for major works in the first half of the year.

    August 27

    FESCO signed cooperation agreement with Guang'anmen Hospital to further improve its health services for foreign companies and help promote traditional Chinese medicine as an international brand.

    October 23

    FESCO joined hands with Harvard Business Review (Chinese) to hold the first Harvard Business Review annual conference in Beijing. Present at the conference were over 500 business leaders, company executives, and academic elites. FESCO hosted an open course titled "Talent Strategy in the Era of Mobile Internet".

    November 21

    "Jobs Come to You" Campus Tour of Domestic and Foreign Enterprises was launched in Beijing Information Science and Technology University as an event jointly held by FESCO, the College Graduate Employment Division of Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Beijing College Graduate Employment Service Center. By December, three sessions of the public-interest tour welcomed a total of over 170 enterprises who brought more than 7,000 job vacancies.

    December 7

    as rated by the review and rating panel for human resource service providers in Beijing, FESCO was certified as one of the first 5A service providers according to Beijing local human resource service standard. This was the first time since the launch of the review that human resource service providers in Beijing were given 5A ratings.

    December 11

    Beijing People's Mediation Committee for Foreign Enterprises was awarded by Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau as a model people's mediation organization in Beijing.

    December 15

    HELO WeChat service account was launched with enhanced self-service functions that are integrated with the company website and the cell phone app.

    December 16

    Liu Mingjian of Guangdong Fangsheng Human Resources Service Co., Ltd., a candidate recommended by FESCO, was honored as one of the Top 10 figures of "Models of State-owned Enterprises and Good Examples for Beijing" by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Beijing.

    December 18

    FESCO was honored as "Model Human Resource Service Organization of Chaoyang District".