1) Top Brand in China’s Human Resources sevice Industry
  As the first HR service company in China, FESCO initiated the China’s HR service industry and has been ranked among the top 500 enterprises in China .FESCO is the No.1 brand in competitiveness and value in China’s HR service industry.

  2) Rich Industry Experience
  With many year’s experience in professional and international development, FESCO bears witness to the achievements made over the past thirty years since reform and opening-up and, steers the development of China’s HR service industry and promotes the fast business growth of Chinese and foreign enterprises in China.

  3) Good Government Relations
  For over thirty years, FESCO has accumulated rich government resources and established close cooperation ties with governmental organs. FESCO is the best channel and platform whereby enterprises are able to grasp the policy orientation in time and established effective communication with the government.

  4) Powerful Service Network
  By way of the national unified online operation system and solutions and the service network reaching out to 300 cities in 31 provinces and autonomous regions of China from the two centers in Beijing and Shanghai, customers are able to sign “contracts in one place for services across the country”

  5) Complete service system
  With complete online and offline service product chains and market demand as its orientation, FESCO is in a position to provide comprehensive HR solutions for the HR demand and unified management of domestic and foreign enterprises.

  6) Professional Service Team
  We have professional service teams across the country. With professional competence, rich experience, international vision, FESCO is capable of providing a complete HR service solution in light of the different demands of customers.

  7) Quality Customer Resources
  By joining hands with numerous world-renown enterprises, FESCO’s customer base consists of over 10000 enterprises in over 100 countries and regions and covers numerous industries, including communication, electronics, IT, automobile, petro-chemical, medicine, finance, and fast consumables. FESCO is the strategic partner for numerous top 500 enterprises in the world.