Employee Activities

FESCO has launched a variety of activity products for employees to enable clients to more focus on their enterprise’s strategic human resource management, to meet their benefit planning and development for their own employees, while enriching the spare life of the employees, relieving their fatigue and depression caused by the tension of busy work.

Service Items

Outdoor Activities
1.  Arbor day: the charity activities in Spring with an aim of environmental protection and greening the environment.
2.  Walk through the Great Wall: challenge the physical limits by walking through the Great Wall and challenge ourselves
3.  Mountain climb day: the employees invite the elders to participate in activities during the Double Ninth Festival when ancient people had the custom of ascending a height to enjoy a distant view. 
4.  Skiing festival: choose an appropriate skiing area and enable FESCO employees to enjoy the passion brought by the winter sports.
All Kinds of Sporting Events
Various sports events are held regularly every year: such as badminton mixed team event, football league (11 & 5- Person- Soccer),

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