Dental Care

FESCO Dental Scaling Card

Recent years have seen a growing incidence of dental diseases among white-collar workers. According to statistics, dental diseases are among the top five high-incidence diseases among the population group, with an incidence of 20-30%. According to the latest study in 2012, having dental scaling once or twice a year helps to reduce the incidence of dental diseases considerably and also reduce the probability of having heart attack and stroke by 25% and 13% respectively. Moreover, dental scaling is conducive to reducing the incidence of chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, and stomach cancer. To give white-collar workers more health care, FESCO has specially launched the most cost-effective Dental Scaling Card in the market in the hope of helping card holders form a regular habit of having dental scaling.


High-end Quality
Dental scaling requires highly specialized medical technology. FESCO has established strategic partnerships with China’s top dental clinics to ensure the delivery of first-class services.

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