360-degree Assessment

Compare to higher-level assessment and self-assessment, 360-degree assessment as an evaluation method, is more comprehensive and scientific. It assesses many parties which have relation with the people who are assessed, so that the people who are assessed can be given an all-round, multi-dimensional assessment process.


360-degree, by definition, refers to the main subject that has relationships with the people who are assessed. In a complete 360-degree evaluation, people who are assessed have 7 categories, including immediate supervisor, people who are at the same level with the assessed people in and out of the department,  the assessed people himself, people who are directly under the assessed people, suppliers and clients that have direct relation with the assessed people. 

Assessment Methods

360-degree assessment adopts anonymous questionnaires online generally, to better ensure the privacy of assessed people, and to make evaluation more objective. In practice, the assessment can also be done by telephone or mail in case the assessed people can not access to the network.

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