APEC Business Travel Card

A holder of APEC Business Travel Card (hereinafter referred to as “APEC Card”) and a valid passport does not need to apply for an entry visa to any APEC member country where his/her entry is approved. The card is intended to facilitate the travel of business people between APEC member countries. Every APEC Card is valid for at most three years and each stay in an APEC member country should last no more than two months.

Eligibility for Application
Staff of non-state-owned enterprise registered in Beijing and state-owned enterprises of Beijing Municipality as well as foreign-, Taiwan-, Hong Kong-, and Macao-invested enterprises approved by the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality who need to make business trips to APEC member countries frequently
People with no criminal records or records on rejected application for visa to foreign countries, particularly economies adopting the APEC Business Travel Card Scheme


One Card for Traveling to Many Countries
 Holders of the APEC Card and valid personal passport may travel freely between 15 countries, including Australia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea,

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