Flexible Benefits Service

Flexible benefits, a new benefit solution, help to strike a balance between an employer’s cost control and its employees’ satisfaction, attract and retain key talents, improve corporate culture and boost employer brand.

FESCO’s flexible benefits service offers a variety of benefit packages according to the specific needs of employers and employees, covering health management, holiday gifts, benefit cards, training, travel and employee care. It allows employees to select the benefit packages and products that suit them based on their needs, and make them feel the care from their employers all the time.

As part of the service, an advanced online service and management platform is available to make benefit management easier and more efficient for employers so that they can concentrate on their core business and improve their profitability. Moreover, with access to a large pool of quality supplier resources and the advantage of centralized procurement, FESCO is able to provide employees with a rich variety of good benefit products and help to cut costs for employers.


FESCO offers a designated self-service platform, which will allocate bonus points to employees according to the rules made by employers. Employees may redeem the points for the gifts in FESCO’s standard online product pool.

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