Recruitment of Sales Promoters
The salesperson recruitment service shall focus on job hunters’ professional competence and potentials and assessing candidates based on their practical knowledge and operating skills. We have a full set of recruitment process from application, interview and review to training and evaluation, and select candidates more suited to corporate culture during the course of interview to replenish the company’s talent pool.

In the recruitment, job hunters will be assessed on the basis of demeanor, competence and experience, with emphasis on their language competence, coping skill, and comprehensive analysis and response capabilities.


All service outlets nationwide are our subsidiaries instead of subcontractors.
Service standards are uniform and standardized throughout the nation.
With subsidiaries as service provider, it is easier for the head office to control business nationwide, thereby guaranteeing our service quality.
Service items are tailored in accordance with the needs of channel personnel, and there is no high-end service or product so as to reduce operating cost of the platform.

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