Agency payment and management of social insurance and public housing reserve fund is one of the core services provided by FESCO. FESCO provides qualified customers with such services as creation and contribution of social insurance and public housing reserve fund accounts, verification of payment base and account inquiry according to relevant government provisions.  FESCO services cover most districts and counties of Beijing. Besides, Foreign Enterprise Business Hall under Beijing Public Housing Reserve Fund Management Center and Labor Security Service Center in Shuangjing, Chaoyang District have reached out to the headquarters of many foreign-invested enterprises. 

In October 2011, Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued the Notice on the Operations of Expatriate Employees Participating in Social Insurance in Beijing, requiring foreign employees working in Beijing to participate in social insurance as of October 15, 2011. In consideration of the customer needs of contributing to the social insurance funds for their expatriate employees and the difficulties that expatriate employees face in participation in social insurance, and in order to provide better services for them, FESCO has designed the social insurance agency services targeted at expatriate employees and started to provide such services from November 2011.